Documentation: Random Sticky


Unzip the archive and copy the folder randomsticky into the /expressionengine/third_party/-directory inside your system-directory.


Put the plugin-tag into one of your templates. Preferably into one where your sticky entry will be displayed.

Main Tag

{exp:randomsticky channel="blog"

This is a single tag. No closing tag required.


There are four parameters.


Mandatory. This is the short name of the channel where the sticky is to be randomly rotated.


Optional. This is the duration in minutes after which new sticky flags will be set.

If left out it defaults to 1440 (24 hours).


Optional. Only entries with the specified status are candidates for a sticky.

If left out it defaults to ‘open’.


Optional. The number of entries that are to be stickied.

If left out it defaults to 1.


This plugin requires the cache-folder in your EE system directory to be writeable by EE. A folder named ‘randomsticky’ will be created there which has to be writeable as well.