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Joe Schaeffer on 2011-01-28:

Ops.. looking at the docks again I see the width param only applies to the flash format.  Any help still appreciated. smile

Joe Schaeffer on 2011-01-28:

Great plug-in.  Here is what I’m trying to do.  I have two channels used for two separate blogs.  I have a category group for each channel called tags.  In a drop down menu for each blog I want to list the “Popular Tags”.  What’s great about your plug-in is that you can call specific channels and groups… not possible with a lot of tag modules out there.  I tried to set my width=“1” so each tag would show up on a separate line, but it doesn’t seem to change anything.  Anyway to make this display in an list.  Thanks Again.

Craig Allen on 2010-08-02:

Oops, sorry, just saw that the Devot-ee listing has a link to a separate page for the 1.6.x version.

Craig Allen on 2010-08-02:

Hi, looks really interesting.

I’m considering using it with a website for cataloguing Australian ecosystems, flora and fauna. And for related environmental activist websites.

Devot-ee has this listed as compatible for both EE1 and EE2. Is the EE1 compatibility listing incorrect?