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RichyRich on 2012-08-07:

Having a problem with splitter and {exp:splitter blocks=“3” }

WHen i have four lots of content it is splitiing into (two lots of two) and not (two lots of one, and one lot of two)

does this make sense?
how can I force 3 columns

Oliver on 2012-02-06:

What exactly is the problem you encounter in regards to 2.4?

Forrest Anderson on 2012-02-02:


The sites I use this on are toast now that 2.4 is out. Do you plan on an update soon!?!


Pascal on 2012-01-10:

Is this version still compatible with EE 2.3.1.?


Evan on 2011-06-03:


thank you for the plugin!

is this possible? or does it have to be an <img> tag?

{exp:splitter blocks=“3” delimiter=”<br />” class=“myclass”}
{exp:channel:entries channel=“photos” dynamic=“no”}
  {exp:ed_imageresizer image=”{photos}” maxWidth=“100” maxHeight=“75” cropratio=“4:3” alt=”{title}”}


Jerry on 2011-05-17:

Great plugin. I had to add something to keep me from changing the css which I thought would be helpful to add to this.

$element = $this->EE->TMPL->fetch_param(‘element’,‘div’);

then replace the div to $element in the code.

I used this for UL tags instead of DIVs. Could be used to create any tag needed.

Mike Heavers on 2011-02-24:

Thanks - didn’t realize that the delimeters needed to be present in the code - I thought they were inserted via the tag.

AnthonyD on 2011-02-23:

You’ll also need to set up your CSS, likely with floats, to handle the breaking into columns. Your class of ‘blogroll’ should be set to float left or right and should have a width set so as to accommodate the fake ‘columns’ that are being created with the multiple divs. Know what I mean?

AnthonyD on 2011-02-23:

You need to add a break tag (since that’s what you want to split on) after the closing anchor tag. Thus you would need

< a href=”{link_url}” target=“_blank” >{title}< /a >< br / >

instead of what you have. (Spaces added so it would [hopefully] render.)

Mike Heavers on 2011-02-23:

I also could not get this to split anything. It returns all the entries in one div.

{exp:splitter blocks=“2” delimiter=”<br/>” class=“blogroll” parse=“inward”}
{exp:channel:entries channel=“links”}

Magnuts on 2011-01-26:

What if i would like to make an uneven list? Like so:

Column 1     Column 2
Item 1         Item 5
Item 2         Item 6
Item 3
Item 4

Mark Stewart on 2010-12-18:

Just read the licence.. looks like I’m breaking the rules by redistributing this modified version. I’m taking it down for now until the owner tells me it’s ok.


Mark Stewart on 2010-12-18:

Hi Anthony,

Just for you I’ve updated to allow for a “first_class” param. Good idea.

However.. I can’t take credit for creating this originally. I’ve just bastardised it to suit my needs.. and now hopefully yours.

AnthonyD on 2010-12-18:

Mark—how about a first class as well? I’m using and they utiliize an alpha and omega class for first and last floats within a grid.

Possible? And thanks for a great plugin.

Mark Stewart on 2010-12-18:

Hi there,

Not sure if anyone would be interested but I’ve added to this plugin to allow for a “last_class” parameter that can be added to the classes of the final column div.

{exp:splitter blocks=“2” delimiter=”</p>” class=“col span-12” last_class=“last”}
      {exp:channel:entries channel=“about”}

I’m using the blueprint.css framework and needed a way to add the “last” class to the final column so things would flow properly.

If anyone is interested grab it here.

AnthonyD on 2010-12-12:

@frank whether you use “channel” or “weblog” depends on whether you’re using EE2 or EE1, respectively. NOthing to do with the plugin.

Of course, you would have to use the correct version of the plugin to match the correct version of EE you’re using. HTH.

Frank Johnson on 2010-12-11:


Thanks so much for this plug-in. It’s great.

One question - In this example that you give on the main page for Splitter:

{exp:splitter blocks=“3” delimiter=”<br />” class=“myclass”}
  {exp:channel:entries weblog=“default”}


Should the channel:entries tag have this:


instead of:


I copied the example you gave for use in my code and it wreaked a bit of havoc with the page. When I changed “weblog” to “channel” it seemed to work better.


AnthonyD on 2010-08-24:

Actually, it’s working for me (in 2.1) My problem previously (sorry I never amended the post below…forgot about it) was that the class I was applying included floats and margins causing the divs to actually *not* float, and therefore the look of the page never changed. The code did, I eventually discovered, but the page appearance did not.

But I have it working consistently and predictably now.

If you’re having problems a) make sure that your code is actually not changing and b) make sure to look into whether something is screwing up your floats (like them not fitting and thus remaining vertical, my problem.)


Brett on 2010-08-24:

Splitter seems to have broken with EE 2.1. Any idea if you’ll be releasing a fix?

AnthonyD on 2010-08-09:

I cannot get this to work no matter what I try. I’m attempting to break on an <hr > tag (the only one in the code block) and this simply does nothing. It’s not causing any errors, so that’s good, but it’s certainly not splitting multiple entries across 3 columns (as specified.)

FWIW, I copied your code exactly and simply replaced the particulars.
One note: my code is more extensive than yours. Will Splitter only examine one line of code, or will it examine everything between its tags and look for the break character? Does not seem to be working.