Questions & Answers, bug reports: TruncHTML

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Mike on 2011-07-11:

Does the plugin work with EE v2.2.1? I’ve used this plugin successfully in the past, but it’s not working on a new site. Thanks!

Steven Hambleton on 2011-06-30:

Can you add a parameter so it strips out specific tags too?

For example I want it to ignore h3 and ul code if it appears early in the static content. In other words I only want normal text.

David Slattne on 2011-05-08:

Ah what the heck! I just sent you $10 to encourage you. I´ll send another when you worked something out.

/regards David S, Sweden

David Slattne on 2011-05-08:

So when you fix this exclude-image-thing I’ll defenitely donate!

Michelle on 2011-04-15:

I have to third the question about making TruncHTML ignore images or even embed HTML for YouTube videos, etc?

Ian Coles on 2011-03-24:

Hi! Great work with this!
I’m working with it in EE2.1 and just to echo David’s question is there a way I could tell it to ignore images?

Is it possible?


melissa on 2011-01-06:

I use trunchtml but i notice that when someone puts a period into the url, the ‘read more’ link sends them to the wrong page. is there a way around this error besides telling my users to not have periods in their url titles?

Guy on 2010-08-13:

Hi! Trying to limit the characters displayed from a feed I am returning so my design doesn’t blow up if an unusually long item is returned.  It seems from other things I have seen that I should be able to use the TruncHTML to accomplish this, but it doesn’t seem to work.  Any reason you are aware of that TruncHTML wouldn’t work within Magpie in EE 2.1?



Ian on 2010-07-14:

Is TrunchHTML compatible with EE2.1


Oliver on 2010-03-03:

That is already on my list of future features.

David Slattne on 2010-03-03:

I set truncHTML to cut an imported newsfeed via MagPie at a 100 charactars. It works nice. But I wish I could tell it to either ignore all the images or at least all images exept one.

Would that be doable?

/regards David S, Sweden