License: Freeware
Version: 2
Last update: 2009-12-10
See also: EE 1.6.x version


This plugin may be used to split any kind of listings into several blocks with evenly distributed items. This can be manually created lists, lists produced by {exp:channel:entries}- or {exp:channel:categories}-tags or whatever.

There must however be some text in between the single items that can be used as a delimiter.

The number of items per block is determined automatically and blocks surrounded by <div></div> are created. You may specify a classname to be used in the <div>.


{exp:channel:entries weblog="default"}
<br />

You have a list of weblog entries and want to create three evenly sized columns.

Wrap the {exp:splitter}-tags around the {exp:channel:entries}-tags, specifiy the number of blocks you want, a text to be used as delimiter and the class you want to be applied to the <div>s.

{exp:splitter blocks="3" delimiter="<br />" class="myclass"}
:channel:entries weblog="default"}
<br />

will produce

<div class="myclass">
Title 1<br />
Title 2<br />
Title 3<br />
div class="myclass">
Title 4<br />
Title 5<br />
Title 6<br />
div class="myclass">
Title 7<br />
Title 8<br />
Title 9<br />

To make columns you’d probably set the class to float:left and might want to specify a width. Like:

myclass {